Investment Thesis

Development of industrial real estate & Infrastructure projects in the Mar de Cortes region, a USD denominated market strongly integrated to the USMCA and Asia Pacific regions.

Our Team

An economist from ITAM, worked at Protego-Evercore for 10 years in which he participated in transactions exceeding 3,400 million dollars, including the structuring of 3 FibrasIPOs and several FOs.
He’s been a member of the Board of Directors for various companies: ExplandaVentures SAPI (Dat´s Why), Irkon Holdings SA, Central ADN, and VBS Biotech.
Jaime Aceves

An economist from ITAM with experience in public policies and the financial system.
He was in charge ofthe energy and environment department at Banobras, where he took part in more than 30 operations with a total value exceeding 60,000 million pesos.
Jesús Leal

Economist with experience in investment banking, private equity funds, venture capital and private debt funds.
As part of her experience in investment banking at Evercore, she was involved in various industries including infrastructure, retail, real estate, education, and agriculture, as well as others. Her work included asset sales, debt restructuring and private debt structuring.
Viviana Gonzalez

Experience in investment banking, project management and business leadership. Took part in a family office, where he conducted tasks including financial analysis and consulting, administration and investor relations.
He has participated in projects in different sectors such as private and public infrastructure, energy and real estate.
Teófilo Huerta

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